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500L Explosion-proof Kneader

If the material is flammable or there is a potential danger in the place where the equipment is installed, it can be set to explosion-proof type.

NH-500S explosion-proof kneader, main engine power 30kw / 6p, hydraulic unloading, hydraulic opening and closing cylinder head, all wiring methods adopt closed wiring, hydraulic station motor model YB2100L1-4, explosion-proof class ExdIIBT4, explosion-proof electrical control cabinet model BxD38 -5, explosion-proof grade ExdIIBT4, overall dimensions (length * width * height) 3400mm * 1950mm * 1900mm, weight 5200kg. Our company can be set to explosion-proof from 1 to 6000 liters, the power of the host, and the way of discharging depends on the user's process requirements.


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